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Desert Storm.com


Frontline: the Gulf War
Marking the fifth anniversary of the war with iraq, frontline investigates what really happened during the invasion of kuwait, the months of diplomatic maneuvering, the air war and ground assault, and the post-war rebellion inside iraq. the two-hour episodes are built around dozens of interviews with key political and military leaders in the u.s., its allies, and iraq, as well as soldiers on both sides of the front line. interviews include general norman schwarzkopf, general colin powell, former secretary of state james baker, former secretary of defense richard cheney, britain's margaret thatcher, mikhail gorbachev, hosni mubarak of egypt, jordan's king hussein, and israeli premier yitzahk shamir.

Frontline: War in Europe
This frontline documentary examines the kosovo conflict and nato's war against serbia to prevent ethnic cleansing in kosovo in 1999. this report chronicles the causes of the kosovo conflict,how the nato alliance conducted its war against milosevic and serbia, and what were the consequences of nato's war against serbia.

The Great War 1914-1918
World war i 1914-1918 remembered, pictures great war 1914-1918, pictures world war 1, chronology first world war, pictures verdun, battle verdun, trenches, cemeteries, memorials, rene brouwer

The Gulf War - Bravo one four Bravo
A gulf war vets story of desert storm, with exclusive pics and personal thoughts on the events leading ,upto, during and after the conflict.

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